National Council

The National Council is the governing body of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia and consists of eight members elected to each serve a two-year term.

The National Council consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer as its executive officers with two non-executive positions of Membership Officer and Keeper of the Punches.

The National Council meets at least six times a year to conduct the business of the Guild.

National Council Members and Administrators

President Christopher Sherwin
Vice President Di Walker
Secretary Ian Dun
Treasurer Vicken Nakashian
Membership Officer Barrie Salau
Keeper of the Punches Desma Noble
Council Members and State Reprentatives Barrie Salau
Sarah Kellett
Vick Nakashian
Kevin Harries (QLD)
Jason Ree (NSW)
Cameron Splatt
Monica Perrone (WA)
Administration Secretaries
Zoe DeJesus
 The Touchplate editor
Christopher Sherwin
Minutes Secretary Zoe DeJesus

Meetings are held at:

GAA House 380-382 Spencer st  West Melbourne

or via Zoom link