about makers marks

Marks may be used to convey information about the maker, the construction material, the date of creation and the accreditation organisation (if used).

The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia, as the only accreditation organisation operating in Australia, requires of it’s Members that stamps made on jewellery accurately depict the maker, material (date – optional) and the Guild trademark (if eligible).

Individual Maker’s Marks of GSGA members are recorded by impression on the Fine Silver Touchplates held by the Guild as a permanent physical record.

Photographs or illustrations of these marks are able to be found within this website, both on Member’s profile pages or on the maker’s mark index page.

Marks made by manufacturers that are NOT members of the Gold and Silversmith’s Guild of Australia are not recorded by the Guild – as the manufacturer has not chosen to have the quality of their work assessed – nor made the commitment to uphold the standards federally legislated for acceptable fineness standards for work made using precious metals.  (refer to: Australian Standards AS- 2140-2008)

Whilst the majority of Australian Jewellery Manufacturers operate within the requirements of acceptable behavioural standards, occasionally pieces are encountered that fall outside the standards expected. If concerns or disputes over quality, provenance, or accuracy of description occur, consumer laws exist in each state of Australia that offer protection to the consumer.