Makers Marks Valuers Book

The new book of Guild members’ maker’s marks is almost ready. In years past, the book has been published in hardcopy and sold to valuers and any others who find it useful to have a resource of Guild maker’s marks in a handy format. Almost as soon as the book is printed it is out of date when a new member joins up, or a member adds a new mark to their repertoire.

The book will now be available as a PDF. Many valuers now travel around with their laptops, so they can have it as an electronic copy, or print it off if they wish.

To access a copy of the book, a charge of $20 will be made, and the PDF file will be emailed.

We realise that this leaves the book open to unauthorised reproduction, however, we hope that if you purchase a copy you will realise that it has cost money to produce the book and it costs money to keep it updated. If it is a valuable resource to you, we would hope that you would encourage others to buy it rather than share the file with them. Too many things these days are controlled and regulated. We trust that honesty and integrity will prevail in this case.

The book will be updated periodically so within the 12-month period of your first purchase, and if you’ve provided us with your valid email address, you will receive the updated version at no extra charge, with notes of what has changed so that if you’re printing it off, you need only print the pages that have changed. Note that only people who have purchased the book and provided their valid email address will receive the updates.

After that we will make a nominal charge to cover costs for yearly updates of existing purchases.

Here is a sample of the book. The final touches are being made almost as you’re reading this (March 2014), so it will soon be ready to go!