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Frankston, Victoria
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Hello My name is Greg John and 2024 marks the 55th year that I have been making Jewellery. I have been the Master Jeweller and in house principal designer at AbrechtBird jewellers for 24 years and my specialty is taking unusual collections of jewellery and or gemstones, as well as jewellery that is needing to once more be loved, and giving it a new purpose. I am inspired by things around me and peoples stories, and from a design perspective, I try to ensure that all lines are flowing and fluid, nothing 'flat' or two dimensional and I use a logical hand crafted approach to fabrication using ancient techniques and methods. I use a pencil to draw and design, albeit with a concession to modernity, it is on an iPad. Jewellery can be best described as adornment and from the moment that mankind first picked up an object and rather than eat it, put it on themselves, it soon became an object of personal and individual identification, coming to symbolically represent status or standing in a community or personal achievement. Think of military uniforms or mayoral chains, the more bling, the more important that person is shown to be. Likewise when we personally seek out jewellery, it is usually to signify and apply meaning to special and important events. It is fair to say then that when we think of a special piece of personal jewellery, every fibre of our being becomes controlled by emotion and sentiment. How exciting is it to know that there are still craftspeople out there who are not only willing to share their passion for an ancient craft, but can work with you interpret your sentiment and transform it into a reality. It brings me great satisfaction to see people have confidence in my design concepts and crafting skills, and I am proud to be part of an association that champions the same ideals.